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January 2012

  • January 2012 Cover
    January, 2012 Cover
  • January 2012 Editorial
    January, 2012 Editorial The January 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.  Happy New Year!  Our LCM Southern Classic Truck Show DVD is available for purchase in our online store as well as we still have a few of the SHOW shirts (while supplies last), our 2012 calendars, and our 2011 hoodies.  Please don’t forget ...
  • Kevin Patterson
    So a few years back we are at the big show in Englishtown New Jersey checking things out when we see a truly gorgeous Kenworth W900B. We have to feature this truck was all I could think, but we couldn’t find the owner. About a year later we get an E mail from Kevin Patterson ...
  • Jan 2012 Reader’s Rides
    Jeremy Rempel, aka JR, sent us these pictures of his 2005 Peterbilt 379X and the 1987 Peterbilt 359 his brother drives for his dad.
  • Jan 2012 Riding Around
    Rich Stark caught these two large W900A’s at the Petro in Effingham Il. Nice catch Rich!!!
  • Model of the Month
    Reece Murphy sent us this 1/25th scale truck and trailer. Reece added the bumper, painted the visor, battery boxes, pipes, deck plate and air line box.
  • Kevin Harrison
    Kevin Harrison of Auburn Washington owns this 2003 Peterbilt 379 and 2004 Great Dane reefer.
  • Convoy Chrome Show 2011
    Convoy Chrome Shop in Long Island, New York held its annual truck show on Sunday September 25, 2011 at the MacArthur Airport. Over one hundred working and show trucks from all over New York and New Jersey came out to show off in the brisk September air.
  • January 2012 Flashback
    I caught this months flashback in Newington Va. In the late 80’s. Was rare to see a North American truck that wasn’t painted white back then, especially a Peterbilt 352 like this one.
  • Walcott Trucker’s Jamboree
    The annual Walcott Trucker’s Jamboree was held July 14th and 15th 2011. I’ve been going to this show since 1995 and overall, its participation appeared lower this year – presumably due to the economy and subsequent high fuel prices. However, the trucks that were there this year were top-notch in both the modern ...
  • January 2012 Diesel Doodles
    Ten year Billy Koedam drew this incredible doodle of his dad’s 2004 Peterbilt 379 pulling a tanker. Great work Billy!
  • Days Gone By January 2012
    Story by Michael Hubert Photos By Michael Hubert – Harry Patterson, Neil Sherff & PhilipWolff. In this installment of Days Gone By I thought I’d try something a little different. We’re featuring an all Kenworth theme, highlighting the Iconic Apache paint scheme, or as it’s more commonly referred to, the “Moving On” paint job.
  • Fergus 2011
    On July 22-24th the 26th annual Fergus Truck Show was held in Fergus Ontario and Ross Burnham was there to cover this huge show for us.

February 2012

  • February 2012 Editorial
    The February 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. First, after much work, time and effort from our webmaster, Tim, we have adopted a NEW layout for the ONLINE mag which we hope you find much more eyecatching, cleaner, and easier to navigate.
  • February 2012 Cover
    Cover of the February, 2012 ONLINE edition of LargeCarMag
  • Greg Wertz
    About a year or so ago, I was at a show when I get a text from Justin Lang with a picture of a very clean Peterbilt 359 hooked to a bull rack. I immediately texted him back asking whose truck it is. Justin texted back saying someone named Greg owned it. A few ...
  • Reader’s Rides February 2012
    Chad Schindewolf sent us this picture of his awesome 2004 Peterbilt 379.
  • Riding Around February 2012
    Riding Around, February 2012
  • February 2012 Model of the Month
    This month’s model comes to us from Rich Master. Rich built this replica to JJ Cable’s real Kenworth A model, and as you can tell from the picture of the real truck, he did an incredible job!
  • Dale Blevins
    Dale Blevins of Mt. Vernon Mo. Owns and has owned this 1942 Autocar for quite some time. Dale first bought the Autocar back in 1961 where it was put to work for the family business, Blevins Paving.
  • 2011 TopGun LargeCar Shootout
    When we pulled up to the Top Gun LargeCar Shootout, which is held annually by Tom and DaVeda Reitz, I was pleased to see the show was much bigger than previous years. The show was held on July 29-31 at Rantoul National Aviation Center in Rantoul, IL, This year’s show brought out over 90 ...
  • Pete-Nic 2011
    Saturday September 10th 2011 the 5th annual Pete-Nic was once again held in Luray Virginia. Steve Kalwaytis was on hand to bring us this coverage and told us that once again Bruce Thibodeau and his crew did a great job with this invite only show/picnic.
  • Lonestar Largecar 2011 Gathering
    On April 30th Tommy Roach and crew held the 1st annual Lonestar Largecar Gathering at the San Antonio Raceway in San Antonio Texas.
  • February 2012 Diesel Doodle
    Twelve year old Paul Nolt of Blue Ball PA. sent this months doodle. The doodle is of Jr Martins Kenworth that was recently redone by Mervs Painting. Great work Paul!
  • Flashback February 2012
    I caught this months flashback back in 1992 at the Servicetown Truck Stop in Fredericksburg va.

March 2012

  • March 2012 Online Cover
    March, 2012 Edition of LargeCarMag ONLINE
  • March 2012 Editorial
    The March 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. We hope you are enjoying the new layout!
  • Jesse Singh
    When we saw pictures posted on Facebook by ACW Specialties of a customer’s truck they had just finished, we were blown away and knew we had to get it into the pages of LCM. After a few phone calls, arrangements were made to meet the owner of the 2004 Peterbilt 379, Jesse Singh, at a ...
  • Reader’s Rides March 2012
    Kenny Langhorst sent these pictures of his very large 1980 Peterbilt 352. Kenny updated his 352 with a 6NZ 550 Cat and an 18 speed transmission.
  • Riding Around March 2012
    I caught this beautiful 379 while doing coverage for the 2011 Shell Super Rigs show last year in Kenly North Carolina.
  • Model of the Month March 2012
    This issue’s model comes to us all the way from Brisbane Queensland Australia. Rick Payne built this Kenworth K123 86” aerodyne.
  • Bruce Gieg
    Back in 2006 when LCM PRINT was first launched, Steve attended Truckerfest Hot August Nights in Reno, NV. During the show, he ran across three curtain van rigs hailing from the Pacific Northwest. He introduced himself to the owners and asked if he could shoot the trucks after the show. The owners agreed ...
  • Midwest Pride In Your Ride (Wade Beck)
    What started out as a truck show held in Iowa in early March has grown into The Midwest Pride in Your Ride. With space running out and trucks covered in snow, a change was in order, so four families got together and began to work out the details to create this awesome show. Doug and ...
  • Midwest Pride In Your Ride (Sean Huber)
    Midwest Pride In Your Ride (Sean Huber’s coverage).
  • 2011 Super Rigs
    The 2011 Shell Rotella Super Rigs show was held June 2-4th in Kenly North Carolina. As with every Super Rigs show it was drive through judging.
  • Western Maryland Truck Show
    Steve Kalwaytis made the trek to the 2011 Western Maryland Truck Show, held August 27-29th at Grantsville Town Park in Grantsville Maryland.
  • March 2012 Flashback
    For this months Flashback I thought I would share some of the pictures I got of the Kenworth “Liberty Edition” K100E and W900B.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo March 2012
    Andy Fiero is now the second person to have a very cool LCM tattoo. I ran into Andy at last years Big Iron Classic where he showed me his new tattoo, now I really have to get one myself!
  • Diesel Doodle March 2012
    We got this diesel doodle from eight year old Clifford Lick III. Clifford’s dad owns C. Lick Jr Trucking and C. Lick Jr. Salvage, so its no surprise he loves trucks! When Clifford was about two his dad came home with the 1986 Peterbilt 362 he drew.

April 2012

  • April 2012 Cover
    The cover of the April, 2012 Online edition of LargeCarMag
  • April 2012 Editorial
    The April 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. We hope you are enjoying the new layout!
  • Billy Baker
    Unfortunately we never got information on Billy Bakers incredible 1949 Kenworth Bull nose you see here. But this truck is just too cool not to share with the LCM community.
  • Reader’s Rides April 2012
    Leo Nizynski of Burbank Illinois owns this 2007 Kenworth W900L.
  • Riding Around April 2012
    As always the April issue’s riding around is all the largecars found surrounding the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center at the Mid America Trucking Show as well as the trucks parked at the papa johns stadium parking lot.
  • Model of the Month April 2012
    Adrian Calzadias from Fabens Texas built this months model he call “Terminator”.
  • Wayne Baker
    Back in the June 2009 print issue we featured Wayne Baker’s 2002 Peterbilt 379. Wayne purchased that truck from Jeff England of Pride Transport. Over the years that Wayne owned it Wayne made lots of changes to make it his own.
  • 2012 Mid America Trucking Show
    This years Mid America Trucking Show was held March 22-24th. As we pulled in Tuesday night, before checking into the hotel we HAD to check out the trucks that were in the prep lot where we ran into lots of friends and what was supposed to be a quick drive through the prep lot turned ...
  • April 2012 Diesel Doodles
    Nine year old CalebBaertschi drew this awesome doodle. Great work Caleb, we sure love this one!
  • April 2012 Truckin’ Tattoo
    On a trip to California, While waiting to get washed at Calivas Truckwash “Vince” of San Pedro, California. Came over to admire the truck I was in. While chatting, Vince mentioned the he had a trucking tattoo.
  • April 2012 Flashback
    In this month’s flashback I thought I would post some of the GMC Generals I took pictures of in the 80’s.

May 2012

  • Bill Warner Fleet
    Bill Warner Jr. Grain of Circleville West Virginia has been business for the last 25 years. We first met Bill the very weekend we launched LargeCarMag.com on the internet. It was the Mid America truck show in Louisville Kentucky in 2001 and Bill was there with a 359 called “Stage Coach Express”, that particular truck ...
  • Reader’s Rides May 2012
    Michael Meek of Meek Trucking, Fort Shaw Montana, sent us these pictures of his three trucks. Michael uses the 1987 Peterbilt 359 to pull a flatbed between Washington and Iowa.
  • Riding Around May 2012
    I caught this Large 379 off exit 104 of I-95. The owner, “shoes”, was super cool and a big fan of LCM.
  • Bill Warner Jr
    When we arrived at the Shell Super Rigs 2011 show in Kenly, North Carolina, one of the first trucks we saw was the 1989 Ford LTL 9000 you see here. Needless to say, we were blown away! Upon closer inspection, we discovered the truck belongs to Bill Warner Jr. of Circleville, West Virginia, someone ...
  • 2011 Carlisle All Truck Nationals
    Rainy weather didn’t keep the large rides from showing up at the 2011 Carlisle All Truck Nationals, held August 5-7th.
  • Harm’s Way May 2012
    CHEROKEE BOB TRUCK SHOW GALT,CA Great turn out and it had a good time visiting with everyone and the proceeds went to the Shriners.
  • Flashback May 2012
    I used to see this 359 quite a bit on I-95 back in the early 90’s and always wanted to get some pictures of it. So I was pleased to see it sitting at the Petro off exit 104 in Virginia one day. I got my pictures and now 20 years later I get to ...
  • May 2012 Editorial
    The May 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. We hope you are enjoying the new layout! Please don’t forget to stop by and visit our advertisers and tell them where you saw them!
  • May 2012 Cover
    May 2012 Cover

June 2012

  • June 2012 Cover
    The cover for the June online edition of LargeCarMag.
  • June 2012 Editorial
    The June 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. We hope you are enjoying the new layout! Please don’t forget to stop by and visit our advertisers and tell them where you saw them! Our 2012 shirts, mousepads, new hats and LCM Southern Classic DVD’s are available in our online store ...
  • Rick Kerns
    If you’ve been into trucks for a long time like we have, the name Kerns will instantly pop the image of a large ride into your head.
  • June 2012 Riding Around
    I got sent down to Doswell Va. Last week and stopped by the truckstops off exit 104 to check things out. That’s where I found this large Peterbilt 362, sorry I didn’t stick around to talk, but I had to go!
  • June 2012 Model of the Month
    Russell Spawn Jr. sent us this issue’s model, it’s a perfect tie in with this issue’s Days Gone By. Russell started out with a 1/25th scale AMT W925 kit and the trailer is an AMT 40 foot Fruehauf reefer.
  • June 2012 Reader’s Rides
    Stephen Large (what a fitting name!) owns this 1980 Kenworth W900A extended hood and 1980 Otam 55 16 wheel lowboy.
  • Clyde Green
    We have been trying to catch up with Clyde Green for many years. Thankfully,  it worked out where Roger Snider was able to shoot Clyde’s large 1982 Kenworth A model at Wheel Jam so we can now share it with the LargeCar world. With an A model this clean, there isn’t much that needs to ...
  • 2011 Annual Cornpatch Dual Wheel Classic
    This year’s Cornpatch Dual Wheel Classic was held June 17-18th at J&T Logistics shop in Hubbard, Iowa.
  • June 2012 Flashback
    I caught this very cool old Peterbilt at Servicetown in Fredericksburg Va. Back in 1991.
  • 2012 Make a Wish Mothers Day Convoy
    This year’s Make a Wish Convoy was held on May 13th In Lancaster County, PA and drew over 300 trucks and many wish kids that got to ride in various truck in the convoy.
  • 2012 Diesel Doodles
    This diesel doodle was sent to us by Collen Ferrell of Narvon Pennsylvania. Collen is 13 years old and loves to draw trucks and of course loves riding in trucks.
  • June 2012 Truckin’ Tattoo
    Andre Bellemare of Berthierville Quebec Canada stopped by the booth in Louisville this year and showed me his new tattoo of his beautiful Freightliner cabover.
  • 2011 Spencers Chrome, Parts & Service Truck Show
    The 2011 Spencers Chrome Parts & Service Truck Show was held July 10th at their store in Watsontown PA.
  • June 2012 Truckin’ Harm’s Way

July 2012

  • July 2012 Cover
  • July 2012 Editorial
    The July 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. Please don’t forget to stop by and visit our advertisers and tell them where you saw them! Our 2012 shirts, mousepads, hats and LCM Southern Classic DVD’s are available in our online store for purchase. Also, we now have info on ...
  • Eric Wright
    Over the years we have shot features on trucks that were sold before we could run the feature, and in most cases because we like to keep things relevant we wont run the feature. Sometimes, however, the truck is so cool it just wouldn’t be right not to share with the LCM community, this is ...
  • July 2012 Readers Ride
    Ernie Sargent of Chicopee Massachusetts is the owner of this 1996 Kenworth W900L. Its powered by a 500 Detroit backed by a 13 spreed transmission and currently has over 1.3 million miles. He leases to Russ’s Motor Service of Oaktown Illinois doing a dedicated chain supply run hauling auto parts. Ernie has been an owner operator ...
  • July 2012 Riding Around
    Rich Stark caught these two large rides, including Bruce Geig’s awesome 379 seen on our December 2011 print cover, in Barstow California.
  • July 2012 Model of the Month
    Jerry Doucet sent us this model he calls “smoke n gun”. We didn’t get many details on this one but its just too good a model not to share, great work Jerry!
  • Eric Kidd
    We first saw this large 1992 Kenworth W900L one night at the truck stop off exit 98 of I-95 in Virginia while we were on our way to a meeting about the first Southern Classic.
  • July 2012 Flashback
    I caught this 359 in Sterling Va. Back in 1988.
  • 23rd Annual Great Salt Lake Kidney Kamp Truck Show
    The Great Salt Lake Kidney Kamp Truck Show was held August 12-13th at Electric Park in Lehi, Utah. Roger Snider made the trip and reported back that Jeff England and his crew did another fantastic job putting on the very special show.
  • 2011 Big Iron Classic by Steve Ford
    The 2011 Big Iron Classic was held September 9-10th at the Dodge County fairgrounds in Kasson Minnesota (Steve Ford’s coverage).
  • 2011 Big Iron Classic by Austin Harrison
    The 2011 Big Iron Classic was held September 9-10th at the Dodge County fairgrounds in Kasson Minnesota.
  • Days Gone By July 2012
    In this installment of Days Gone By we’re heading north to bring you an exclusive story out of Allendale, Michigan.
  • 2011 US Diesel Truckin Nationals by Josh Riccio
    The 35th Annual 2011 U.S Diesel Truckin Nationals was held September 17th at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey (Josh Riccio coverage).
  • 2011 US Diesel Truckin Nationals by Steve Ford
    The 35th Annual 2011 U.S Diesel Truckin Nationals was held September 17th at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey (coverage by Steve Ford).
  • July 2012 Diesel Doodles
    Collin Newman from Callao Virginia drew this awesome doodle of the pride of Virginia crew.
  • July 2012 Flashback
    I caught this 359 in Sterling Va. Back in 1988. This 359 is soooo 80’s cool, from the turbo wing to the bug shields.

August 2012

  • August 2012 Cover
    August 2012 Cover
  • August 2012 Editorial
    The August 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Mike Grubb
    Only a few owners have had their truck featured in LargeCarMag twice but Mike Grubb of Denver, Pennsylvania is the first to have two LargeCarMag cover trucks. What’s even more impressive is Mike is only 24 years old! Equally impressive is the story behind Mike building this 1971 Kenworth W900A.
  • Reader’s Rides August 2012
    These two large Freightliners are owned by Daniel and Phyllis Snow and Jayme and Whitney Snow.
  • Riding Around August 2012
    Rich Stark caught this very large Van Kampen 389 while out and about. Van Kampen has always had nice rides and this one is no exception!
  • Doug Gerhardt
    For years we were teased with pics of a very cool 359 on the Pickett Custom Trucks website. When this cool 359 showed back up on Picketts website getting a makeover, we knew we had to learn more. Turns out the 1980 Peterbilt 359 and 1997 Mississippi propane trailer belongs to Doug Gerhardt of Snohomish, ...
  • The Buck 2012
    On August 18th 2012, Children’s Miracle Network hosts the Annual Truckshow at Buck Motorsports Park, in Quarryville, PA called Truckers for Miracle Kids.
  • Flashback August 2012
    Way back when my transportation was a mongoose bmx bike I did my normal check of the posters at the local hobby store and found one of the coolest trucks I had ever seen, the truck was named “southern comfort”.
  • Diesel Doodles August 2012
    This doodle was sent to us by Gabe Bush of Idaho Falls Idaho.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo August 2012
    Everybody has seen Mickey Gwilliam’s lime green 359 but not everybody has seen the tattoo he has of it. Very cool Mickey!

September 2012

  • September 2012 Cover
    September 2012 Cover
  • September 2012 Editorial
    The September 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Kevin Smith
    This 1974 Kenworth A-model rides on 250 inches of rail, but there is a twist to this truck…
  • Reader’s Rides September 2012
    Carl Lessard is the proud owner of the very large 1979 Peterbilt 359.
  • Riding Around September 2012
    Rich Stark caught this very large Peterbilt 379 in Barstow California.
  • Truckin for Kids 2011
    On September 24 and 25th , 2011, the 31st Annual Truckin For Kids Truck Show and Drags were held at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, California.
  • ATHS Tulare
    When I found out that there would be an ATHS show in Tulare California the same weekend I was out for Truckin For Kids and that it would be held on the set up day for TFK, it was a no brainer for me, I was making a trip over the grapevine to check it ...
  • Mike Bunning
    This viper red 2008 Peterbilt 389 and mirror polished 2010 Mac dump trailer belongs to Mike Bunning of Brooklyn Connecticut.
  • Diesel Doodles September 2012
    This months doodle comes from our very own Jessica Ford.
  • Flashback September 2012
    I shot this large International leaving the truckstop in Toms Brook Virginia back in 1992.
  • Tri States Antique Truck Show 2011
    Cj Narin made his way to Winchester Virginia last year for the ATHS Tri States Truck show.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo September 2012
    Rick Lechler of Wellsboro PA. sent us this tattoo he has of his 1995 Kenworth W900L

October 2012

  • October 2012 Cover
    The cover of the October 2012 issue of LargeCarMag.com
  • October 2012 Editorial
    The October 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. Thank you….To ALL of YOU that attended/assisted/donated and helped make the 3rd Annual LargeCarMag Southern Classic such an awesome success! We have been seeing posts all over facebook and receiving calls in the office all week telling us how much fun was had, how awesome ...
  • Derrel Snow
    Derrel Snow of Maryville Missouri owns this 1987 Peterbilt 359. Contributing editor Wade Beck introduced me to Derrel at the Dual Wheel Cornpatch Classic and once I finished my coverage I immediately tracked down Derrel and Wade and we were off in search of a place to shoot this feature
  • October 2012 Riding Around
    Rich Stark caught this large 379 while out and about. Nice catch Rich!
  • October 2012 Model of the Month
    Jerry Doucet sent us this 1/25th scale Peterbilt 359 model. Jerry started with Revell Germany kit.
  • 2012 Great West Truck Show
    Toni Gibbons attended the Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas Nevada on June 14-16th and shared these pics with us.
  • 2012 Transport for Christ
    The Transport for Christ 30th Annual Truck Rally was held on June 23, 2012 at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center, 2 miles south of Lebanon, PA.
  • 2012 Diesel Doodles
    Nine year old Zach Montgomery sent us this very cool doodle.
  • October 2012 Flashback
    I shot this months flashback back in 1992 while watching the trucks roll through Carlisle PA.
  • October 2012 Retro Rhetoric
    This month we are going to take a look at Gary Koeller. Gary ran two killer cabovers back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
  • Streett Trucking
    Way back in 1985, Charles and Dave Streett started Streett Trucking, which is based out of Quicksburg, VA with a Kenworth K100.

November 2012

  • November 2012 Cover
  • November 2012 Editorial
    The November 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.  We are terribly sorry about the delay in getting it out this month. With our show, the DEC PRINT and the holidays, its been alittle overwhelming!  Please don’t forget to stop by and visit our advertisers and tell them where you saw them!  FYI: We ...
  • Nathan Deacon
    Joe Coleman steers and Gears this 2007 Peterbilt 379 and 2008 Wilson 52’ spread axle trailer owned by Nathan Deacon. A 550 Cat with an 18 speed transmission and 3:36 gears provide the power to haul cows in that Wilson trailer. As nice as this truck is, its just a little sample of the cool ...
  • LCM Southern Classic: CJ Nairn Coverage
    A venue change is one of those things that can really kill a show, BUT thanks to the ‘awesome LargeCarMag community’ that wasn’t the case with the 2012 LargeCarMag Southern Classic.
  • LCM Southern Classic: Bobby Snelson Coverage
  • LCM Southern Classic: Tim Ford Coverage
    LCM Southern Classic – Tim Ford’s Coverage
  • LCM Southern Classic: Steve Ford Coverage
    LCM Southern Classic – Steve Ford Coverage
  • Riding Around November 2012
    I caught up to Ron Yoder off I-81 in Virginia a few weeks back and of course took a picture of his truck. Good to see you Ron!
  • Model of the Month November 2012
    Jerry Doucet sent us this months model. We don’t know much about it other than its called “Greener Pastures”.
  • Flashback November 2012
    I took this picture in Newington Va. Back in 1992.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo November 2012
    I caught up to Rick Lechler at our show last month and although we used the tattoo with his truck on it in the September print issue, we didn’t have any pictures of this KW logo he has on his other arm.

December 2012

  • December 2012 Cover
  • December 2012 Editorial
    The December 2012 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
  • Jerrod Walter
    We first saw Jarrod Walter’s 1953 Kenworth W925 needle nose on the internet and instantly wanted to see more, but more importantly wanted to get it in front of our cameras! Bryan Wright did some detective work and tracked down a name and number for Jarrod and as it turned out Jarrod lives in ...
  • Riding Around Dec 2012
    Rich Stark caught this very cool W900B while out checking things out in Vegas. Nice catch Rich, don’t see too many this nice anymore!
  • Readers Rides Dec 2012
    Bill Mowatt of Spanaway Washington sent us these pics of his awesome 1997 Peterbilt 379. Although you would never guess it, this big ride has 1.7 million miles on it! Bill hauls LTL both ways between Washington state and the mid west and would like to thank Eagle Trucking for keeping him busy.
  • Model of the Month Dec 2012
    George Fiebe sent us this issues model. Upon receiving his March 2011 issue and checking out the model in that issue (built by Jay Lockard) George immediately went to his show cabinet and pulled out this model which has many striking similarities.
  • Jeremy Lane
    Jeremy Lane of Rensselaer Indiana is the owner of this very large 2006 Peterbilt 379 and 2012 Mac dump trailer.
  • Paul Riggle & Sons Show and Shine (S. Ford)
    Late last winter I got a call from long time friend Chris Riggle asking our opinion on a good date for a show in Pittsburgh. Since the Pittsburgh area has been in need of a big show for quite some time, we gladly gave our opinion and the date of June 9th, 2012 was set ...
  • Paul Riggle & Sons Show and Shine (T. Ford)
    Paul Riggle & Sons Show and Shine (T. Ford coverage)
  • Tattoo of the Month Dec 2012
    Brian and Marilyne Lauersdorf sent this picture of their matching tattoos.
  • Flashback Dec 2012
    I caught this large 359 in the early 90’s at the Petro off the 104 of I-95 in Virginia. Everything about this 359 is baaaad!
  • Days Gone By Dec 2012
    This installment of Days Gone By begins in Chicopee Mass in the spring of 1978. The local paper announced a new truck dealership was coming to town and would be know as Consolidated Peterbilt West.