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Photos by: Steve Ford & Bryan Wright

Only a few owners have had their truck featured in LargeCarMag twice but Mike Grubb of Denver, Pennsylvania is the first to have two LargeCarMag cover trucks.  What’s even more impressive is Mike is only 24 years old! Equally impressive is the story behind Mike building this 1971 Kenworth W900A. The A model sat in PA. for many years, many attempts were made by various people to purchase the A model but the owner would not sell. One day Larry “Otis” Martin (whose 1968 Kenworth W923 was featured in our premiere print issue) was driving by and saw the A model being cut up for scrap! Larry raced in to save what he could, offered the owner what it was worth in scrap and the A model was now his.  Unfortunately, the truck was already cut in half. Larry got what was left of the old A model home and Mike Grubb came to check it out, the moment he saw it he knew he had to have it! Mike, with the help of Floyd G. Martin and Spanky got right to work.  It was decided that since the frame was no longer usable, a Peterbilt frame would take its place, by using a Peterbilt frame Mike was able to lower the cab hood and sleeper closer to the frame rails for a lower stance, combine that with the freightliner suspension and this truck has a true hot rod stance to go with its rat rod appearance. The frame was set up to give the A model a 272” wheelbase with flawless paint by Bill Deihm. The interior was changed from the stock splendor to a full V.I.T button tuck interior. A 425 Cat backed up by a 13 speed transmission provides the power to haul potato’s throughout the east coast and Canada and those spuds get a ride in a very impressive wagon. The 2010 42’ Great Dane features big quarter fenders, painted trailer doors and a lowered ICC bumper. I think most people thought the same thing when they heard Mike sold his Marmon to build an A model.  And yes, I thought it too.  He must be crazy to get rid of such a unique ride, but it appears that Mike has proved us all wrong!   Awesome job Mike!


  1. wright

    wow is all i can say

  2. parrishinc


  3. randyj

    I don’t care who you are, old K Dubs are cool. Grew up in those and Petes. My last ride was a w900L and it’s still in the family. Nice job on this one

  4. tired iron

    Grubby knows how to build them but Steve you may want to edit the caption for year and make

  5. jimfinn

    To cool for words!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. loaddog

    i JUST GOT A 1979 OUT OF FLORIDA ($3500!) drove it home with much work to New York. I was wondering if you had any info on putting power steering on it ,any other years will fit????????


  7. loaddog



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