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Great turn out and it had a good time visiting with everyone and the proceeds went to the Shriners.

Bob did everything right and made sure everyone could  park with there friends.  Our LCM friends Syko and Koolit came in during the night and what  I heard was that Kris and Angelina’s bar was a must stop for everybody till the early morning hours good times.

We were the lucky receivers of the  “Jim Botelho Old School Award” presented and made by Jeff Botelho, the trophy is awesome  “twin sticks, a Peterbilt pedal and the hood ornament bird of the Peterbilt”, truly old school, awesome! Thank you everybody for voting for our tractor, my friend Phil Callen deserves all the credit as he made the Pete what you saw at the show.

Lots of LCM and face book friends were at the show, several we met for the first time and had a great time, we left right after the presentation and drove to LA to participate in the ATHS  show in Perris, Calif on Sunday.

Here are the pictures, enjoy.

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    When you click on the pics they come out small.


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