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January 2011
Two large Peterbilt 379’s
Dan Thomas of Medford, OR owns this incredible 1953 LTL Mack and 1955 Trailmobile trailer.
Rich Stark caught this cool 389 during his travels.
Ken Dubuc shared this highly detailed model of 1980 International Eagle Broughm.
Michael Boyd’s 1980 Peterbilt 352.
2007 Kenworth W900L
The continuing saga of rebuilding the iconic Firebird, LCM’s flagship vehicle.
The Thirty-First Annual Truckers Jamboree at Exit 284, I-80 in Walcott, Iowa on July 8th and 9th, 2010.
July 30-Aug 1 at Notre-Dame-Du-Nord Quebec.
I caught this cool little window pete in the early 90’s.
This Diesel Doodle was drawn by Derek Martin of Reinholds, PA.
February 2011
2007 Peterbilt 379
JR Lawton of Shelocta, PA and North Port, FL sent us these pictures of his 1990 Peterbilt 379.
Justin Lang caught this bad 389 at a hotel in California.
Ken Chase sent us these super lone and tall models.
1985 B-Model Kenworth.
June 26, 2010 at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center.
Nine year old Kaitlin Benson of Maywood MO. Sent us this very cool drawing of a K100 Aerodyne loaded with three coils.
I caught this very cool T600 off exit 104 of I-95 in VA.
Steve Kalwaytis went to Alban Cat in Winchester VA. This past summer to check out their first ever truck show.
March 2011
2007 Peterbilt 379
Steve Mesh of Chelsea, VT owns this 1996 Kenworth W900L. 
Justin Lang caught this very cool combo KW on one of his many cross country trips.
Brad Rigby of B&R Custom Diecast Replica’s sent us this months Model Of The Month.
1957 (yes, 1957) Peterbilt 281.
This year the Shell Rotella SuperRigs show was held at Lee Hi Travel Plaza in Lexington, VA.
The Annual Cornpatch Dual Wheel Classic was held June 18th-20th at J&T Logistics shop in Hubbard, Iowa.
Cody Nehring may be the biggest fan we have ever met! Getting a tattoo of the LCM logo is above and beyond anything we have ever seen before.
This month’s doodle comes to us from Daniel Creter.
I caught this month’s flashback at Servicetown truckstop in Fredericksburg Va. Back in the early 90’s.
April 2011
2000 Peterbilt 379X
Rhig Lacey sent us this picture of his dad Selden Lacey’s 2006 Peterbilt 379.
As always the parking lots surrounding the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center during the Mid America Truck Show were packed with large rides.
Fleet of Paul Marcotte Farms’ trucks.
March 31st – April 2nd the 40th annual Mid America Trucking Show.
On August 13th and 14th 2010 the 21st annual Truck-N-Show was held in Waupun WI. Rob Murray and Sean Huber coverage.
2007 Peterbilt 379 Legacy number 989 of 1000
315” wheelbase 2007 Peterbilt 379 and 2007 Great Dane reefer.
2007 Kenworth W900L
1994 Peterbilt 379
Rich Stark shot this month’s flashback back in the 80’s at a truck show in Prado Park in Ontario CA.
In this installment of Days Gone By, we’re going to take a look back at Curtis Inc of Denver, Colorado. 
This months tattoo belongs to John Woodyard. John stopped by our booth at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville KY.
Rollin’ Thunder.
This month’s Doodle comes to us from ten year old Paul Nolt of Blue Ball PA.
May 2011
2007 Peterbilt 379
Robert Nimmo bought this 2000 Kenworth W900L from Nebraska in 2007 and had it shipped to Portsmouth England where Robert picked it up and drove it home to Scotland.
I caught this sharp W900L at Whites truck stop on the way to Louisville in March.
Bernie Fahrner sent us this months model of the month. Bernie started by stretching the frame on this DCP 1/64th scale die cast using brass channel with soldered in rectangular cross members.
2007 Kenworth W900L
Steve Kalwaytis shot these pictures of the 2010 Rice Tire truck show. Looks like it was a great turnout with lots of big Virginia iron.
ATHS San Diego chapter show in Perris, Calif.
This years Make a Wish convoy was held on May 8th   In Lancaster County PA.
This months Diesel Doodle comes to us from Eleven year old Junior Burns.
Back in 1991 as I was on my way home from work I glanced up a street in my neighborhood and saw this big 379…
June 2011
1994 Peterbilt 379
Gord Speers of Grand Valley Ontario Canada owns this hotrod 1999 Western Star.
I caught this month’s riding around while attending this year’s Shell Super Rigs show, held in Kenly, North Carolina. Kenworth 900L
Shayne Downey of Drury Auckland New Zealand sent us these incredibly detailed Kenworth models, based on STL Linehaul trucks of Christchurch New Zealand.
1980 Freighliner
June 18th-20th at J&T Logistics shop in Hubbard, Iowa.
ATHS SHOW at Yakama, Washington
Rob Murray and Sean Huber went to do coverage at the 2010 Waupun Truck-N-Show back on August 13th-14th in Waupun Wisconsin.
Seven year old Nick Wood of Centreville Maryland sent us this drawing of his dad’s 2007 Peterbilt.
The first annual Sweetcorn Classic in Adel, Iowa was held August 14th , 2010.
I have been trying to get pictures of  Joe Norton’s finished  tattoo since I saw it at the Big Iron Classic in Kasson Minnesota back in September 2010…
July 2011
Jerry Ricklefs of Somers, Iowa owns and operates this sharp garnet red Peterbilt 379.
Gord Speers of Grand Valley Ontario Canada owns this hotrod Maggie Mccaskie took and sent us these pictures of Justin Poff’s 2007 Legacy Eddition Peterbilt 379.
A very nice W900L and then one on the coolest W900B’s I have seen in a long time.
Chris Thompson posted these models on our Facebook fan page and as cool as they are I wanted to use them here so the people who don’t use facebook can see them as well.
John Lewellen of Veedersburg, Indiana is the owner of this 2001 Peterbilt 362 and 2009 East Genesis dump trailer.
The 2010 Great Salt Lake truck show was held August 13-14th at Thanksgiving Point, Utah.
The 2010 event was held July 30th – August 1 at the Rantoul Aviation Center Airport, Frank Elliott Field.

Rich Stark caught this very large W900A at the 76 truckstop in Lodi Ohio.

Jeremy Knowles sent us this doodle. Very nice work Jeremy, nice looking Freightliner!
The 3rd annual ECLC truck show was held June 11th 2011 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta New Jersey.
The 2010 Carlisle Truck Nationals took place August 6-8, and was held at the Carlisle, PA Fairgrounds.
August 2011
2007 Peterbilt 379.
Robert Hostetler of Fredericksburg Ohio sent us this picture of his 2000 Peterbilt 379 log truck.
Mark Strawder’s 1953 Peterbilt 350!
Rich Stark caught this sharp Peterbilt 352 at a truck show in Pomona California back in the 80’s.
Dave Wood of Bourbonnais, Illinois owns this silver 1998 Pete 379.
The 2010 Big Iron Classic was held September 10th- 11th at the Kasson Fairgrounds in Kasson MN.
13 year old Dean Crenshaw sent us this drawing of a Peterbilt 379.
On September 18th 2010, the 34th Annual U.S Diesel Truckin Nationals was held at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey.