JC Alt

Lafayette, IN based, Jason “JC” Alt, is no stranger to cool rides, or being featured in magazines. Many of you may remember his beautiful 359 and matching hopper, that graced the pages of late Bette Garber’s book, Custom Semi Trucks, back in 2004. Sadly, it was eight years ago this November, that the well-known semi photojournalist Bette passed away. All these years later now, JC is back in print with a different truck, that is still classic and cool.

Gailand Johnston

I have been in love with Gailand Johnston’s 1986 Kenworth W900B for almost as long as LargeCarMag has been around. I finally got my chance to get this big ride in front of my camera earlier this year in Joplin Missouri.

ATHS Central California Chapter 2016 Truck Show

This year I was able to attend the Central California chapter of the ATHS truck show again that was held at the Amador County Fairgrounds. We arrived at the fairgrounds in the early afternoon, and there were already a bunch of trucks lining up for registration for the truck show.

2016 Midwest Pride in Your Ride

The 6th annual Midwest Pride in your ride show this year starts off with awesome weather and a convoy with 48 Cancer survivors riding with the different trucks in the convoy.

February 2017 Days Gone By

In this installment of Days Gone By our topic of conversation is the Kenworth Aerodyne. Were gonna take a look at some A and B models as well as cabovers and look at some of the cool ways their owners customized them. Let’s start with Don Stockleys 1984 extended hood, it was built from a glider kit one of very few built that year.

2016 Transport for Christ

The Transport for Christ 33rd Annual Truck Rally was held on June 25th, 2016 at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center, 2 miles south of Lebanon, PA. This is one of our favorite shows that we look forward to and attend each and every year.

February 2017 Reader’s Rides

Current Issue Navigation<< 2016 Transport for ChristFebruary 2017 Flashback >> This large 2013 Peterbilt 389 belongs to Alicia Simpson. To make her ride a head turner, Alicia added a 20” bumper, a punch grille, 8” pipes, cab extensions, a 12 gauge visor,...

February 2017 Flashback

I caught this 359 calendar truck rolling up I-95 in the early 80’s with what was probably a brand new Mustang passing on the left.

February 2017 Truckin’ Tattoo

Jason Swayne of Ector, Texas sent us these pictures of his tattoo. Jason tells us he got both the Kenworth and Peterbilt logo’s because those are the only two make’s he has ever owned and they are surrounded by burning 100 dollar bills because that’s exactly what they do!