Kevin Hlavac

As regular readers of LargeCarMag know, we try to only feature working trucks. However, as we have done in the past, there are exceptions to that rule. Having a weakness for clean K100’s I made the executive decision that we HAD to feature Kevin Hlavac, of Canton Ga., super clean 1988 K100 known as “Unconventional”.

2016 Make a Wish Convoy

This year’s Make a Wish Convoy was held on May 8th In Lancaster County, PA and drew a new world record with
590 trucks!

October 2016 Days Gone By

Current Issue Navigation<< 2016 Make a Wish ConvoyOctober 2016 Reader’s Rides >> Story by Michael Hubert Photos by Neil Sherff We all have a vision of what our ultimate tractor should be. Forrest M. Ryan of Rockford, Illinois traveled to Colorado...