November 2018 Editorial

Welcome to the November, 2018 edition of LargeCarMag Online! In this issue, we have a feature on Jean-Eudes Bourque’s 2018 Pete 389 with photos by Steve Ford and a story  by Karl Anderson, as well as an additional feature on Todd Gribble’s 2012 Peterbilt 379 with photos by Steve Ford and a story by Jimmy Guiste. We also have tons of show coverage this month!

2018 Jane Harting Memorial Show

The 2018 Jane Harting Cancer Benefit Truck Show and Picnic was held June 9th and was a huge success. Held in honor of Jane Harting, who was more of a family member than employee of Elite Services. Jane passed away after her battle with cancer and all proceeds from the show goes to families affected by cancer and to the Help the Fight Organization.

November 2018 Days Gone By

Let’s get right to the meat and potatoes of our story with some South Omaha history.  For decades South Omaha, Nebraska was home to the world’s largest stockyards.  The stockyards of South Omaha were founded in 1883 by the Union Stockyards Company of Omaha. By 1890 the stockyards would become the third largest in the U.S. for production. By 1947 the stockyards become second in size in the world to the Chicago Stock Yards. By 1955 Omaha would overtake Chicago in size to become the nation’s largest livestock market and meat packing center, a title it would hold on to until 1973.

Todd Gribble

Todd’s truck started as a 2012 Peterbilt 389, but has undergone extensive work, to transform it into what you see here.  The majority of the custom work was done by Todd himself, but he relied on Talladega Fiberglass, for a host of accessories.