Clean Slate

We all know the truth in the statement “Without Trucks, America Stops!”. When most people think of trucks, it’s usually over the road, long haul trucking. Not to be forgotten though, vocational trucking and local trucking, is an equally important role. Connecticut based Clean Slate Environmental owners, Todd and Beth Roccapriore, are no strangers to hard work and show trucks. A testament of that shows true, with the crazy detailed “Water Wagon” you see here.

Timeless Power and Chrome

There are many milestones that have been achieved by truck manufacturers in the 20th century. We’re heading over to Mack Trucks Inc. for a look at one of those anniversary celebrations. The date is April 28 1970 and Mack Trucks Inc. is celebrating the opening of its new headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

2017 Big Iron Classic

On the weekend of September 9th-10th 2017 I once again made my way to the Big Iron Classic in Kasson Minnesota. All you have to do these days is say the words big iron and you will get one of 2 answers, either “ best show of the year” or “ I really want to get to that show” if you have a cool ride you have either been there or want to go. 

Robert Basse

I know what you’re thinking… If I had a gorgeous combo like Robert Basse’s Kenworth W-900 Icon and Fontaine step deck (both of 2016  vintage) I’d be every bit as cool as he is! Umm… yeah. I hate to be the proverbial bubble buster but you might want to cover your ears for this one…