Park Mastre

Writing a feature on Park Mastre’s 2015 Peterbilt 389 is going to be no easy task. Type a few words, wipe drool off keyboard… Type a few words, wipe drool off keyboard… Type a few…Well, you get the picture. Actually, before staring too long at these photos you might want to slip down to your local Walgreens or CVS and procure a pair of those oh so fashionable big black glasses people wear after cataract surgery ‘cuz this thing will burn your retinas!!

Jay Hawthorne

Purple has long been the color of royalty. And if you can look at Jay Hawthorne’s 2007 Peterbilt without thinking it looks like it was built for a king…. Well, you may just need to up your medication! Jay may tell you, though, that it was actually built for a Queen. When he bought and built this 379 Legacy, #159, it was a dedication to his mother Lynn, who passed away from cancer. Purple was her favorite color, so the choice of Violet Effect was only natural.

2016 Wheel Jam Truck Show

The Wheel Jam Truck Show has been proudly promoting the trucking industry for over 13 years! With the American flag flying overhead at the Wheel Jam Truck Show on a 150 foot crane from the Riverside Colony of Huron, South Dakota, it made one proud to be an American! There were over 200 trucks in attendance from 15 states and two Providences of Canada that were involved in the 13th Annual Wheel Jam Truck Show, June 3rd-5th at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds!

April 2017 Truckin’ Tatoo

Toni Gibbons shared this tattoo with us. Toni has been having this worked on for the last year and is happy to say its finally done. Cherrie Hall at Tapestry Tattoo in Roseburg Oregon is the artist that did the awesome work you see here.