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January 2013

  • LargeCarMag January 2013 Cover
    January 2013 Cover
  • January 2013 Editorial
    The January 2013 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Dan Ropte
    Dan Ropte of Struble Iowa owns this very cool 1998 Freightliner FLD 120.
  • 2012 Lonestar Largecar Gathering
    The second annual Lonestar Largecar gathering was held April 28th at the San Antonio Raceway in San Antonio Texas. As you can see the turnout was great with lots of large iron showing up. I only saw one change from the year before and it was a great change, the drag racing started earlier this ...
  • January 2013 Flashback
    This is the only picture I ever got of one of the famous Casablanca Ceiling fan trailers and its hooked to a very cool Peterbilt 362.
  • January 2013 Riding Around
    Rich Stark caught this large Freightliner cabover in Vegas.
  • Wedding Bells
  • Midwest Pride in Your Ride 2012
    The hope is that your second show is always better than your 1st and the 2nd Annual Pride in your Ride show was no exception. The show was held on May 4 & 5th, 2012. Doug and Barb Deshaw and Eldon and Barb Jaeger once again hit a home run with great weather ...
  • 9th Annual Berubes Customer Appreciation BBQ
    Berubes held their 9th Annual Customer Appreciation BBQ on June 24th, 2012. Rick Sousa was in attendance and covered this event again for us.
  • Florida Tow Show
    Back on April 19-22 Rob Murray made his way to the Florida Tow Show held Orlando Florida. As you can see lots to see and do there including demonstrations, seminars, a show and shine and a lot more.
  • The High Life Express III
    If you have ever traveled between Wisconsin and Nebraska since the mid 1970’s till today you have probably seen the K & Z Dist. Kenworths. The owner of these incredible trucks is Mike Knesovich of Lincoln, Nebraska, he’s also known as Little Mike. He’s been trucking for 46 years beginning with his dad, and has ...
  • January 2013 Reader’s Rides
    John Graham owns this 2002 Kenworth W900L. as you can see this is a LARGE Kenworth with its 144” Double Eagle sleeper.
  • Shawn and Sam Helt
    When we first laid eyes on Sam and Shawn Helt’s 1965 Peterbilt 351 we knew we had to break our own rule and feature this truck even though its working days are over.

February 2013

March 2013

  • March 2013 Cover
    March 2013 Cover
  • March 2013 Editorial
    The March 2013 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Randy Brown
    Randy Brown of Narvon Pennsylvania owns this 1969 Peterbilt 359A. We have known Randy since the 90’s and have watched him transform this truck into the beauty you see here.
  • March 2013 Riding Around
    I caught this large 379 right in my own neighborhood, its always nice to see something this cool before you even hit the highway!
  • March 2013 Reader’s Rides
    Jason Earlywine stopped by our booth in Louisville last year and dropped of these pictures of his 1989 Freightliner FLD 120.
  • A Model Build by Barry’s Bodyshop (March ’13)
    These are pics of repairing bottom sleeper mounts, This is first time sleeper has been on truck for over 20 years.
  • Model of the Month March 2013
    Robby Gaines sent us this issue’s model. This is not only my personal favorite truck make and model of all time but also my favorite paint job as well, add the matching trailer to the mix like Robby did and my jaw hit the floor when I first saw his model! Robby started with an ...
  • Diesel Doodles March 2013
    Bodie Hilleshiem of R.C Wisconsin sent us this doodle. Bodie is seven years old, great job Bodie!
  • 2012 Cornpatch Dual Wheel Classic
    I made the trek back to Hubbard Iowa for the Cornpatch Dual wheel Classic held June 15-16th 2012 at J&T Logistics. As usual Tracey and his crew did a great job!
  • 1st Annual Massachusetts Truck show
    It’s no secret to anybody reading this that the trucking community is one of the hardest working groups around but when the cause is right they are one of the most generous and caring. This past June 10th those desirable traits were out front and center for all to see at the inaugural Mass ...
  • Flashback March 2013
    Back in the late 80’s on the way to the family vacation at the beach we stopped at the TA in Ashland Va.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo March 2013
    Justin Burnopp stopped by our booth in Louisville last year to show us his tattoos.

April 2013

  • April 2013 Cover
  • April 2013 Editorial
    The April 2013 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Riding Around April 2013
    Since the very first time attending the Mid America Truck Show way back in 1990 I quickly discovered the parking lots surrounding the show is where you will find many of the coolest trucks at the show. Here are some of the big rides we spotted this year, next month we will have more from ...
  • Flashback April 2013
    I caught Allen Miller’s very large 359 in the mid 90’s in Ruther Glen Va. And was able to get this cool night shot.
  • 2013 Mid America Trucking Show
    You never know what the weather’s going to do in Louisvile and it seems this year mother nature paid us back for the warm weather we had the previous year as almost the entire time the temps didn’t even get above freezing. This years Mid America Truck Show was held March 21-23rd at the Kentucky ...
  • ATHS Nationals 2012 by CJ Nairn
    Rick Sousa and CJ Narin made the trek to the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield Massachusetts for the 2012 ATHS National convention. Rick tells us the show began with a tornado warning and ended in heavy rain, but in between the two over a thousand trucks were packed into the show field! As you ...
  • Diesel Doodle April 2013
    Six year old Darrell Wann of New Athens Illinois drew this doodle.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo April 2013
    Larry Witters of Elizabethtown Pennsylvania showed us this cool tattoo in Louisville. Thanks for stopping by and sharing Larry, hope to see you again this year!
  • ATHS Nationals 2012 by Rick Sousa
  • Reader’s Rides April 2013
    Paul Moore sent us this picture of his 1999 Peterbilt 379 he calls “simple elegance” Paul recently had Truck Rods/ Peterbilt of Joplin do a make over, the most obvious change is the sleeper. The 70” factory sleeper now measures 110”.
  • Craig Rosenberger
    A few years ago I began seeing this super cool copper W900L going the other way on I-95 a few mornings a week. Fast forward to last May at the Antrim Dyno Day and as I walk through whats the first truck I see but the cooper 900L.

May 2013

  • May 2013 Cover
    Cover of the May, 2013 Issue of LCM ONLINE
  • May 2013 Editorial
    The May 2013 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Jeff Christensen
    They say history always repeats itself, and cabover fever definitely seems to be making a comeback, though you’d be hard pressed to find one nicer than this. This 1973 Kenworth K123, is owned by 15 year veteran Jeff Christensen, and his wife.
  • Riding Around May 2013
    Rich Stark caught this very large 389 at Little Sister’s Heperia location.
  • Reader’s Rides May 2013
    Bob H Davis of Flatwoods West Virginia sent us this very cool readers ride. Bob bought this 1977 Kenworth W900A In November 1984 and has put three million miles on it since then!
  • Barry’s Bodyshop A Model Build
    Barry Myers from Barry’s body Shop has been kind enough to share a large build he’s doing. Barry is restoring a 1979 Kenworth W900A extended hood with a factory KTA 525 Cummins and 15 speed overdrive transmission.
  • Wheel Jam 2012
    Roger Snider once again made the trek to the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron South Dakota, on June 1-3rd, for the 9th annual Wheel Jam truck show for coverage right here in LargeCarMag.
  • Macungie 2012
    June 16th-17 the ATCA hosted their annual national meet in Macungie Pennsylvania at Macungie Memorial Park.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo May 2013
    Jason Parrent of Melbourne Australia sent us this picture of his tattoo. Jason has been truckin for 23 years and is a huge Kenworth fan, these are some of his all time favorite Kenworth’s.
  • Diesel Doodles May 2013
    Eight year old Kolby Yates drew this very large cabover .
  • Flashback May 2013
    I caught this large C&J Express 379 at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville back in 1993.

June 2013

  • June 2013 Cover
  • June 2013 Editorial
    The June 2013 online issue of LargeCarMag.com is now available.
  • Nathan Deacon
    They say everything happens for a reason and that’s definitely the case with this feature on Nathan Deacon Trucking’s 2005 Peterbilt 379.
  • Riding Around June 2013
    Back in May I ran into Chad Blackwell in Greencastle PA. Wound up having a nice long conversation. Most people know Chad for his 379 but I’m a little partial to this K100 he’s been truckin in lately. Good seeing you Chad!
  • Reader’s Rides June 2013
    Ben Christen owns this very large 1998 Peterbilt 379. Ben’s 379 rides on a 305” wheelbase and is powered by a 550 Cat with an 18 speed transmission.
  • Model of the Month June 2013
    Tim Ahlborn saw Jade’s 389 called Sublime at a truck show in St. Ignace Michigan and knew he had to build a model of it! Here is the end result, based on a 1/24th scale Italeri Peterbilt 378 reworked into a 389.
  • A Model Build by Barry’s Bodyshop – June 2013
    These pics are of the finished roof brace in sleeper and frame is in first coat of primer.
  • 2012 East Coast LargeCars
    The 4th Annual East Coast Large Cars Truck Show was held on June 30th, 2012 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, New Jersey.  This event is run by Richie Acosta and his concept for his event is the Participants are the Judges and it definitely works for this show.  This year’s show is this ...
  • 2012 Spencers Chrome Truck Show
    Spencers Chrome Parts & Service Truck Show seems to get bigger every year and 2012 was no exception! Held July 8th at their shop in Watsontown, Pennsylvania .
  • 2012 Super Rigs
    Rob Murray made the trip to the Speedco in Joplin Missouri May 17th-19th for the annual Shell SuperRigs competition.
  • 2013 Mothers Day Make a Wish Convoy
    This year’s Make a Wish Convoy was held on May 12th In Lancaster County, PA and drew over 300 trucks and many wish kids that got to ride in various truck in the convoy.
  • Diesel Doodles June 2013
    Ten year old Casrson Van Dyke sent us this very cool doodle.
  • Flashback June 2013
    I shot this back in the early 90’s in Englishtown New Jersey. I had seen Roy Gregg’s Alley Cat at previous shows in Englishtown but this was the first time meeting the crazy Pittsburgh crew and to this day I consider them all good friends.

July 2013

  • August 2013 Cover
  • August 2013 Editorial
    Welcome to the August issue of LargeCarMag Online!  In this issue, we have our usual Riding Around, Reader’s Rides, Diesel Doodles, and Flashback, as well as a feature on Nick Baudino’s 2012 Peterbilt 389.  We also have show coverage from the 2012 U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals by Steve Ford and Matt Cutts, the 2012 Big Iron ...
  • Nick Baudino
    If you see this green and black machine, you’ll definitely break your neck to check it out. This 2012 Peterbilt 389 is owned and flown by Nick Baudino, out of Kinsman, IL.
  • Riding Around August 2013
    So after a long but very enjoyable day at Transport For Christ in Lebanon Pennsylvania we are on our way to our favorite hotel looking forward to a shower and dinner. As we make our way down 322 this long 379 catches our eye and of course we had to turn around and get some ...
  • Readers Rides August 2013
    Luke Schaffer of Faribault Minnesota owns this 1990 Kenworth W900L and 2001 Ravens flatbed.
  • 2012 Diesel Truckin’ Nationals – Steve Ford
    The 36th Annual U.S Diesel Truckin Nationals was held September 15th at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey
  • 2012 Diesel Truckin’ Nationals – Matt Cutts
    Matt Cutt’s coverage of the 2012 U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals
  • 2012 Big Iron Classic
    The 2012 Big Iron Classic was held September 7th and 8th at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Kasson Minnesota.
  • Diesel Doodle August 2013
    Eight year old Gauge Miller of Humboldt Iowa drew this incredible doodle. Nice work Gauge!
  • 2012 Canadian Truck Races
    Drag racing on it’s own is very exciting, but throw in a few curve balls like tugging a loaded trailer up a 9% incline only increases the “wow” factor several fold. There’s no place in the USA to partake in such an event, but a trip to St. Joseph DeBeauce in Quebec on Labor Day ...
  • Flashback August 2013
    I caught this very large 359 back in the late 80’s in Jessup Maryland. Not long after I took this picture this truck made an appearance in Overdrive magazine and I still have that issue to this day.

September 2013

  • September 2013 Cover
  • September 2013 Editorial
    Welcome to the September issue of LargeCarMag online! This month, we have features on John Dunnigan Jr’s 1994 Kenworth W900L, show coverage from Truckin for Kids 2012, the 2012 ATHS show from Tulare, Calilfornia, the Convoy Truck Parts show from 2012, plus our usual Reader’s Rides, Riding Around, Diesel Doodles, Truckin’ Tattoos and Flashback features.
  • John Dunnigan
    John Dunnigan, Jr, of Hillsboro, MO owns this clean KW. This 1994 Kenworth W900L has a classic style,but has many updated features, allowing John to be comfortable while on the road.
  • Reader’s Rides September 2013
    Derek Graham of Carlinville Il. owns this stunning 2000 Peterbilt 379 and 2012 Wilson hopper bottom. Power comes from a 600 Cat and it rides on a 270” wheelbase. Thanks for sharing Derek!
  • Riding Around September 2013
    Rich Stark caught Eric Wright’s very large 389 standing tall in Barstow California. Thanks Rich!
  • Convoy Truck Parts Truck Show
    Patrick Moran got this great coverage for us of the 2012 Convoy Truck Parts Truck Show held on September 23rd. as you can see there were lots of big rides on hand.
  • 2012 ATHS Tulare
    Roger Snider made the trek to the Ag Center in Tulare California for this show hosted by the local chapter of the ATHS on September 22.
  • Truckin For Kids 2012
    The 32nd annual Truckin For Kids Truck Show and Drags were held October 6th-7th 2012 at Irwindale Raceway in Irwindale California. Saturday at Truckin For Kids is always a day for vendors to set up and early arrivals to roll in.
  • Diesel Doodles September 2013
    Eight year old Riley Martin of York Springs Pa. drew this doodle of Steve Browns large 379 Pete. Great Job Riley, that’s one of our favorites too!
  • Flashback September 2013
    I caught this cool 359 in Frederick Maryland back in the early 90’s.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo September 2013
    This issue’s doodle comes to us from Mike Pries of Winnipeg Canada.

October 2013

  • October 2013 Online Cover
  • October 2013 Editorial
    Welcome to the October 2013 issue of LargeCarMag Online! In this issue, we have a feature on Eldon and Barb Jaeger’s 2000 Peterbilt 379, show coverage from the 2013 Buck by CJ Nairn and Steve Ford, and our usual Reader’s Rides, Riding Around, Flashback and Diesel Doodles features.
  • Eldon and Barb Jaeger
    Back in November 2012 Eldon and Barb Jaeger decided to build a truck to be raffled off with the proceeds going to Rely For Life, a cancer charity. The 2000 Peterbilt 379 you see here, named “Longhaul Survivor” is the result of that decision.
  • Riding Around October 2013
    Rich Stark caught this big ride while out and about. Nice catch Rich!
  • Reader’s Rides October 2013
    Chad Betland of Big Lake Mn. owns this very large 2007 Kenworth W900L.
  • The Buck 2013 – Steve
    On August 17th 2013, Children’s Miracle Network hosts the Annual Truckshow at Buck Motorsports Park, in Quarryville, PA called Truckers for Miracle Kids. Its also known as Truckers Day at the Buck.
  • The Buck 2013 – CJ Nairn
    The Buck 2013 – CJ Nairn coverage.
  • Flashback October 2013
    I caught this large 900L back in the early 90’s in Ruther Glen Virginia,
  • Diesel Doodles October 2013
    Zach Montgomery sent us this very cool doodle. Zach is ten years old and loves trucks and spends most of his time in the shop with his dad working on trucks

November 2013

  • November 2013 Editorial
    Welcome to the November issue of LargeCarMag Online! This issue features MASSIVE show coverage from our very own LargeCarMag Southern Classic Truckshow, which was held at Lee-Hi Truck Plaza last month in Lexington, VA.
  • November 2013 Cover
  • Joe Gallopo
    Anybody that has been going to shows or runs the roads in the northeast over the years knows (or knew of) Joe Gallopo’s black 1992 W900L with its flames and massive floats up front, very cool ride. Then in 2011 the bad ass 900L you see here shows up on the scene and had people ...
  • November 2013 Riding Around
    Another great catch by Rich Stark. Thanks Rich, keep the pics of the big rides coming!
  • November 2013 Reader’s Rides
    Shane Overlander of Wabash Indiana owns this 2006 Peterbilt 379. Shane and his brother did all the work on Shane’s 379 and as you can see, they did a great job!
  • 2013 LCM Southern Classic – Steve
    With the passing of the 2013 LargeCarMag Southern Classic Truck Show which was held on October 19th at LeeHI Travel Plaza, another year of shows is in the books. As winter is approaching, every show goer is already thinking about next year’s shows- where they’ll go, who they’ll see, what they’ll do to their ...
  • LCM Southern Classic 2013 – CJ Nairn
    CJ Nairn Coverage of the 2013 LCM Southern Classic
  • LCM Southern Classic 2013 – Alicia Tucker
    Alicia Tucker’s coverage of the LargeCarMag Southern Classic 2013
  • LCM Southern Classic 2013 – Rob Murray
    Rob Murray’s coverage of the 2013 Southern Classic
  • LCM Southern Classic 2013 – Bobby Snelson & Tim Ford
    Bobby Snelson & Tim Ford’s coverage of the 2013 LargeCarMag Southern Classic
  • Flashback November 2013
    I caught this large 379 from Canada at Servicetown off exit 133 of I-95 in Virginia back in the mid 90’s.
  • Diesel Doodles November 2013
    Zach Montgomery sent us this very cool doodle. Zach is ten years old and loves trucks and spends most of his time in the shop with his dad working on trucks. Great work Zach!

December 2013

  • December 2013 Cover
  • December 2013 Editorial
    Welcome to the December issue of LargeCarMag online! In this issue, we have show coverage from the The Transport for Christ 30th Annual Truck Rally, one of our favorite shows of the year. We also have a feature on the Ogden brother’s 1985 and 1986 Peterbilt 359’s. And of course, we have our Reader’s Rides, ...
  • Ogden Brothers
    Two brothers, two trucks, and a ton of class! At first glance, the pictures of these trucks may appear reminiscent to an older SuperRigs calendar or possibly even a 70s or 80s Peterbilt advertisement, but trust and believe, they are working trucks of today! Brothers, Jason and Doug Ogden are the owners of these ...
  • Riding Around December 2013
    Another great catch by Rich Stark. Thanks Rich!
  • Reader’s Rides December 2013
    Shawn and Penny Brownfield are the proud owners of this large 2013 Peterbilt 389 glider. A 550 Cat backed up by an 18 speed transmission provide the power and a 321” wheelbase helps smooth out the bumps.
  • Transport for Christ 2013
    The Transport for Christ 30th Annual Truck Rally was held on June 22nd, 2012 at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center, 2 miles south of Lebanon, PA. This is one of our favorite shows that we look forward to and attend each and every year.
  • Flashback December 2013
    I caught this very large 379 in the mid 90’s in Dumfries Va.
  • Truckin’ Tattoo December 2013
    This awesome Freightliner cabover tattoo belongs to Brett Saville from Ruso North Dakota.
  • Diesel Doodles December 2013
    Six year old Conner Stout drew this picture.