KY, 2002 - As we pulled out to head for Louisville for the Mid America Trucking show, it was raining, as usual. The rain continued until we were almost there. When we arrived in Louisville, we had to stop by the Fairgrounds before checking into the hotel just to see the trucks getting set up for the show. Wow, was I impressed with the trucks that were participating this year! There were a lot of familiar faces and a lot of people showing for the first time. After we got finished checking out all the Big Rides in the show, it was time to check into the hotel and get some sleep.

Thursday Morning, we headed back out to the show to start shooting the show coverage. The weather wasn't too bad when we arrived. Halfway through our shooting, we decided to go inside and see some of the indoor exhibitors. Once we finished looking around inside, it was time to head back outside and finish our shooting for show coverage. Wow! What a difference a few hours make. We walked back outside to a 15 degree temperature drop and snow flurries. Needles to say, the picture shooting was completed as quickly as possible so we could go back inside to the warmth.

Friday was still cold and a good day to shoot some stuff inside and spend some time with my long time friend, Kuenn McClinton, of Deelegant Model Truck Fleet.

Saturday, warmed up a little and I lined up some trucks to shoot for features on Sunday. We finally got some good weather on Sunday. We did some photo shoots for features we will be bringing you in future issues. Enjoy the almost 300 pictures in the show coverage and I'm sure you will agree, Louisville once again did not disappoint!

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